Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

America ran off of the fiscal cliff long ago. It happened when Nixon and congress took america off of the gold standard. The debt even then was beyond our abilities to repay it because we have no intention of restricting our expenditures or weaning ourselves off of the credit card. What the so called smart people are warning about is not the cliff's edge but the rapidly approaching ground at the bottom.  There is no turning back. There is no slowing down. There is no soft landing only a cataclysmic crash. The first question is when will in actually happen? The second question is who will survive? The rich? The famous? The politicians? The poor? The prepared?  The third question is who will pick up the pieces? Benevolent on lookers? Malevolent opponents?  Or antagonistic opportunists?

America is a big place, with abundant unutilized resources, and a people capable of extraordinary efforts. Can they, will they rise once more to the call or is america as we wish it was really gone. It is astounding to me is that the perennially failed idea of socialism has become the the political zombie which ate america. And there is no coming back, no cure, and no changing of the channel.

The land is not going away. The survivors, in an unlikely turn of events, could inherit the place and doing something different. The world community could divide the pieces and parts to other functioning governments. Or it will be a fairly painful disassembling and reassembling of the country where the resources are cannibalized and the continent is decimated as is the case of every where else.

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