Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Letter to Congressman

  Thank you for taking some of your time to answer my letters. I am afraid that you have been infected by politicianitis. Your answers  obfuscate the issue by saying the it is the House of Representatives' problem instead of encouraging me to contact my rep Cynthia Lummis and then letting me know that you are forwarding my concerns, with your support, on to her.

  You allude to my specific recommendations for agency  reduction or removal with platitudes about smaller government instead of letting me know what actions you are planning to take to either support my requests or inform me of a better course of action.

  Our country is in jeopardy and our way of life hangs in the balance and my only recourse is to send letters to my Senator and Representative who seem to be part of the problem than the solution. If I am missing something please let me know what I should be aware of about your efforts to reduce government and control its spending and to control the bureaucratic strangulation of business and industry through regulations.

  Help me to understand how congress, which is our representative, is going to balance the power by reducing the scope of the executive orders to executive branch operations and not agency policy changes which should only be approved by congress.

   I would hope that there are enough bright conservatives in Washington DC to figure out how to not grow government and regulations. How to preserve state sovereignty. How to empower the citizen and then hold them accountable.

   It is not through federal or state usurpation of my rights and responsibilities.  It is not through the federalizing of money by taxing our labor but through capitalizing our labor and working to define the roles of each citizen, each community, and each state.

   It could be the role of Government to identify and define the federal issues like welfare, social security, medical care, environmental protection and work place safety instead of usurping the responsibility.

   It could be the role of government to inform the citizen's of this country's civic needs through our schools and the public media about their responsibilities for the welfare of all of our citizens instead of capitalizing on the opportunity to grab control.

  It could be the role of the government to work with the states to develop specific incentives to meet the their social and welfare needs of their state and our country instead of pretending that our citizens are too stupid to take care of themselves, too stupid to manage money, too stupid to look out after others, and too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

  It is not the role of government to promote the self-interest of a few unscrupulous people grabbing power to benefit themselves, their friends, and their cronies.

Please lead the charge or tell me how you are going to join the effort to take back America from the progressives and their liberal friends.

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