Sunday, November 11, 2012


It was my hope that Romney would be elected, not that I thought he would be a much better president, but that the Obama administration would be put out of service.  It is the Obama administration and all of the Progressive/socialist/communists that have sway and are implementing the destruction of the American ideal that I believe needs to be stopped.

President Obama is a nice enough fellow but the people he associates with and populates his administration with is what I object to. Their concerns about the environment and the poor are not unjustified but their ideas, propositions, and methods are disastrous. We need to do things more intelligently which includes how we change from bad practices to good. How we transition productively from unsustainable to sustainable.  How we encourage rather than force people to take responsibility for their actions and become stewards of the land and our heritage. How we teach people to fish rather than giving them someone else's fish.

Now that he has been re-elected by the useful morons of this country he owns the outcome and can no longer blame anyone for his failures.  The policies invented by his cronies, the procedures instituted by their minions to limit resource development, demonize capitalistic endeavors, and the borrowing of the federal reserve's funny money to giveaway to the rest of the world can be attributed to no one but him.

As this country sinks into socialism and its vitality is strangled out of it. He and his party will be the final arbiters of reducing it to a deficit riddled, debt bound bankrupt economy incapable of getting itself out of debt, and with no desire to reduce its deficit.  For the foreseeable future the US will be bankrupt of money, ideas, and ideals and it will be hung around his neck by history.

The mainstream media will try to explain it away. The party operatives will try to blame it on someone else. The useful morons will be oblivious to the nature of there suffering and rest of us will have to deal with it the best way we can.  We will have to endure hyper inflation, increased crime, rampant corruption, a growing welfare state, and a diminished quality of life, liberty and the memories of happiness.

The single greatest thing to come our of the election is that Obama will have no where to go but forward to his rightful position of what I think will be considered by history as the worst president.  Not that his administration hasn't be effective in the dismantling of the American right but that his leadership was absent when it came time to preserved and protect the constitution of the united states and to lead this country away from the up coming financial collapse and the associated big government and welfare morass.

It was not a job that any one man could get done by himself but it needed someone to begin the effort.  It needed someone to take the desire of the electorate for hope and change and lead them toward a better place.  Instead he took the easy route oversaw and promoted the worsening of the fiscal crisis to the point that the future generations have had their dreams of a free and prosperous society completely and utterly destroyed.

Four more years of trillion dollar deficits per year and a 20 trillion dollar debt is a financial hole our grand children's grandchildren will not be able to climb out of.  Who, in this world, will come to our aid... no one.

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