Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Again

Stop with the Cliff metaphor. The US went over the fiscal cliff when Nixon took the US off of the Gold Standard. It has been in a tumbling bumpy increasingly faster descent ever sense. It's the sudden stop at the bottom, the collapse of the dollar, we should be worried about. The economy held a branch out during the Clinton years but that was just an balanced budget illusion. As congress ignored it and spent even more. Since then Obama has strapped on a Jet pack and turned on the after burner.  The US is not only going to come to a sudden stop it is going to hit at such a speed that it will vaporize America as we thought we knew it.

Krugman-like Keynesian economists think there is no bottom, so why worry. Congress thinks that if it keeps digging the bottom can be avoided until they are out of office or their insanity and the bureaucracy's avalanche of regulations overcome everything accept the black market.  Free enterprise and capitalism is seeing the last flickers of the light of their existence and a minority of the American people are witnesses to the extinction of self-reliance as it is exchanged for mindless hope in big government.  All fostered by a growing majority of public employees, entitlement seeking and welfare receiving citizens, and illegal immigrants violating the nations laws with impunity.  Everyone of them are paying no mind to , ignoring the signs of, or are oblivious to the rapidly approaching catastrophe. Add to that a clueless younger generation obsessed by self-gratification and the stage is set.

B.O. and his communist buddies are providing absolutely no leadership or working to resolve the circumstances that have lead to this predicament as if they didn't know any better or most likely didn't care.   I am of the opinion that they are too stupid to figure it out but there is a lot of evidence that indicates that they are purposely bankrupting this country and have every intent of reducing the standard of living to levels commensurate with every other subsistence nation. As if some how that is going to make everything alright.

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