Saturday, November 10, 2012


While watching a TED talk by Simon Sinek about inspired leaders he suggest that their success was because they were focused on why they did things, not how or what they did.

He used Martin Luther King as an example and how he got people to believe in his cause and commit their time and effort to it not because of him, not because of what,  but because of why.

As I contemplated the idea it donned on me that Jesus Christ was a why type. He told us why he was here and why we should want to follow him.

After 2000 plus years all we get in sunday school class is what and how he did what he did and we almost never talk about why he did what he did.

All of the time that I have been going to church I have never really been satisfied with the experience because it was always about what and how.  I knew the why for the most part, and that is why I attended with my family, but the message is lost in all of the metaphors, analogies, and allegories.

In addition our educational system has corrupted the learning process plus too many of us seem to prefer the what to the why because it is easier to deal with and requires less from us.

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