Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Wise sayings without miracles are just words. Words without proverbs are statements of fancy. Fancy statements without a true meaning are a waste of time.  Time without a purpose is a waste of space. Space without context is nowhere at all. Context without premise and postlude is invalid

As I contemplate my existence, my purpose, my accomplishments, and my heart felt desires I wonder how to find meaning in a world so large that I matter not at all, how to make a difference that is meaningful in a place where different is suspect, where selfishness seems not to be a vice but a virtue, and how to gain a true perspective so that my desires are worthy of being pursued.

Of all of the possibilities this world has to offer: why here? why now? why this?  I am in Lovell, Wyoming, United States of America. A small remote rural town in the western half of the most prosperous country in the world.  There is little I am unable to do if I put my mind to it and have the resources to get it done.  There are positives and negatives but by and large this is a great place to be considering, even for a moment, the alternatives.  Assuming that I am not an accident of nature coming into existence on an obscure little plant in the chaos of an indescribable spiraling arm of a medium to small galaxy in a vast universe that currently has no outer limits and as far as science is able to tell there are no other signs of life.  Which makes one wonder just how unimportant we are.

Marie called, this morning, with insight about why linage is recited in the scriptures.  "It establishes validity" she said.  Her insight causes me to consider that the scriptures are filled with instances establishing validity.  As I was stating at the beginning of this post anything without validity is just short of nothing. Granted a unbeliever will discount the information but without it there is no credibility.  The interesting thing is that my thoughts were going along that line this morning and she was able to help formulate the idea that the scriptures are full of validating ideas.  Which in a sense helps to make sense of the scriptures, which helps to make sense of this life, which helps me to make sense of myself, my purpose, my place and my heart felt desires.

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