Friday, November 9, 2012

The end game

I know that no one cares about what I write accept me but it gives me a chance to articulate my thoughts with some expectation that either I or my posterity will by plan or chance read my thoughts and ideas. I think many of us have hope of amounting to something more than nothing so we write our ideas down on paper as if it might matter some day.

America as we fantasize about it being the home of the brave and land of the free came to an end quite some time ago we just didn't realize it.  Last night, the real America voted, approximately 19.6% of the voting american public, which is only 39% of the population of this country, reaffirmed their preference for big government and the nanny state by reelecting a president that has presided over the minimization of the constitution and the violation of ideals and values originally established in the founding principles of this country.  They did so with unprecedented debt and an insurmountable deficit as the indicators of a failed idea, a failed administration, a failed generation, and a failed people. They did so with no regard for the futures of those who are to follow and are to be saddled by the previous generations fiscal irresponsibility and selfish attitudes. They did so in spite of the warnings and efforts of the 18.4% of the american electorate to campaign and vote for fiscal responsibility and social conservatism.

The future of America was mortgaged a long time ago on the premise that the country was rich in resources and populated by an ambitious people capable of producing enough wealth to pay the bill. However, with each succeeding generation anxious to get their share of the pie and a little bit more the mortgage was not paid down but refinanced, forwarding the bill to the next generation.  Add to that a rising mentality which advocates environmental activism which places our abundant resources off limits, the ever increasing socialist policies, and practices of the elected officials, and a willingness of too many of its people choosing to replace work with overly generous government handouts and what you have is a disaster in the making.  Disastrous not just for us but the world. America's pretend wealth has propped up the rest of the worlds extravagance as well.  China and India are not yet ready to weather the storm but they will be less affected than the rest.

As soon as our appetites out paced our abilities to produce the goods and pay for it ourselves and we began buying and borrowing from other nations then the die was cast and the inevitability of the bill coming due sooner or later became a reality.  Now that our preferences are clearly socialist and our policies are environmentally and capitalistically restrictive the pending foreclosure on the mortgage is real because we are not making the payments and our good intentions are not covering the costs.

303,824,640 U.S. Population
207,643,594 Eligible voters = 68%
118,705,449 votes cast = 39%
60,800,050 winning total = 20%

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