Thursday, December 1, 2011


Where does one go from here? The government seems to be in the hands of crooks. The largest heist in history is being perpetrated upon the peoples of the world as trillions of currency are being digitized and transferred to their cronies at the expense of the common man's labor. We, our children, and children's children are being relegated into slavery because the cost of government and daily sustenance is escalating so rapidly that we will not be able to earn our fiscal freedom. Our very lives will be dictated by the technocrats installed by the criminal elite under the guise of fiscal responsibility and social justice. Our daily existence will be regulated and controlled to an even greater extent because everyone will be a ward of the state and all actions must be controlled so that no one individual exceeds their allocation of good and services.The useful idiots and the silent majority will subserviently line up and accept the dictates of power and control. The few protesters will be marginalized, tolerated, and dispensed with over time. Each loss of freedom will be lamented only shortly and excused away by the greater good. Incentive will disappear and innovation will be stifled and society will settle into a malaise of selfishness, apathy, and drug induced stupor.

The alternative: Government is wrested from the crooks by an activated electorate and represented by selfless public officials who exercise their collective duty to divest the power from the government and invest it in an educated and selflessly motivated public. The world's needy and less fortunate are elevated to self-sufficiency and accounted for through dedicated efforts and charitable actions by a society that realizes the worth of the individual and the, importance of sacrifice, and the power of cooperation. Our citizen's are civically motivated,socially responsible, personally productive, and individually accountable  Our children grow up understanding the importance of obedience to a few newly founded rational principles based on personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity. We become stewards of the earth using what is necessary, wasting nothing, replenishing what we can and striving to minimize the impact and maximize the benefit.

In reality western man is at a precipice. Can he discipline himself and forgo the greed and selfishness that is characterizing his worldly activities or will his society become extinct as it dissolves into chaos and anarchy leading to the takeover by socialism and fundamentalism?

The socialists believe that enterprise is not essential to civil success and the capitalists aren't willing to exercise self-discipline on enterprise. Both are wrong.  The inequities of this place and time can only be remedied by enterprising individuals advancing the situation while exercising care and consideration for their fellow beings.

It is not possible to impose morals or enforce willing obedience.

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