Monday, January 30, 2012

Tax and spend

It is a mystery to me how intelligent human beings can actually subscribe to socialist concepts. Is it because they don't understand human nature and are ignorant of man's willingness to live off of the labors of others? When in fact all of them are doing that exact thing. Are they oblivious to the fact that nothing is really free? Do they not know or are they simply unwilling to accept the realities of this life which are that fairness does not exist and inequities of skill, fortune, and opportunity abound?

The only people who come up with socialist concepts like Marx and others like him especially the socialists of today are those who don't have to labor for themselves but exist on the good will of others, drink from the government trough, and fool themselves thinking that they are earning a living while being paid with tax dollars.

Anyone who actually earns their money and realizes that it does not come easily knows that socialism is a illness not a panacea. Anyone who has not inherited they money realizes the importance of work and dedication and does not pretend that money is no object. Anyone who has not stolen their profits, through dishonorable practices, shady deals, or over priced indulgences, products, and services do not assuage their guilt by subscribing to socialist ideology.

Everyone else who derives their livelihood from the confiscated taxes on the labor and products of others should not be able to give themselves a raise. Unfortunately the representative process is flawed and the control agents have become the controlling forces. The regulators have been captured by the governing body and the concept of socialism flourishes among the idle, ill informed, and power hungry.

The rhetoric has migrated from individual responsibility and civil accountability to collective well-being and socialized welfare.  This seems to have occurred because of the individuals unwillingness to master one's self and the irresponsible desire to have someone else do it. This seems to have occurred because the individual was too selfish with their money and time and too many people were not responsible with their money and their time so it provided and opportunity for the aforementioned socialists to point and complain and the ever present power-hungry to rush in and say that they knew how to fix it! Tax and spend!

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