Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Assuming that there is a purpose, to this existence, what serves evil.  I understand and am a beneficiary of good. I don't understand and hope not to become a victim of evil. The bible tries to justify it by extolling the vice of evil at serving to define and quantify good. Science ignores that it exists because it is subjective. Politicians revel in it because it empowers and animates them. The general population puts up with it because it is prevalent and ubiquitous. The unfortunate, unwary, and purveyors of evil are subject to it.

If evil were not to exist would this existence be enriched or impoverished? It is hard to imagine how the absence of evil would adversely affect our lives as much as the existence of it does.  Recognizing the difference between things breaking down, actions going wrong and evil choices I don't see the purpose of it.  Even if the bible is correct at stating that we are served by opposition in all things my faithfulness is not necessarily dictated by the degree of evil in my life.  In fact there is proportionality to the chance of my falling victim to evil by its prevalence  persistence, and prominence.

I suppose that as our progenitors have learned and we are taught, greatness or degree of achievement does not come without effort and is directly proportional to challenge and resistance. If that is true and is seems that it is, then evil is a prerequisite and I can only wonder to what degree of accomplishment this life offers while evils only plays a distraction for the most part. Am I prepared for or do I even want to venture a guess at the circumstances and situations accompanying an existence where the outcome is even greater, the risks are higher and the opposition is appropriate and adequate to the task?

If we are more than an accident of nature, a cosmic coincidence, or juxtaposition of circumstances than evil does serve a purpose, perhaps an important one.

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