Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Star Trek

The star trek mentality is what the liberal, socialist, progressive, communist useful idiot has at the center of their belief system.  They believe that money is irrelevant and that human nature is amenable.  All that needs to be done is to convert the hard currency to a cell phone credit currency or request what they want from the "replicator" and then let each of us find our our level of personal involvement and self-satisfaction.  They imagine that there are some who are leaders, captain Kirk or Picard, and others who will find personal reward being the engineer, number Two, or the science officer Scotty, Riker, or Spock. The don't worry about the crew members wearing red shirts because they are expendable and take one for the Federation.  The don't worry about the extras on the set because they are extras and are going to be satisfied being extras. They don't consider the people who clean up the stage after the play is done or clean the toilets at the end of the day. They don't comprehend the masses of humanity unselfishly slaving away on earth so that the crew of the enterprise can explore the frontiers of space.

There is no room for jealously, greed, or cowardice everyone knows their role and is happy to stay in it.  Not everyone gets the captain's suite but then not everyone wants one. We will all be satisfied with wiggling our fingers in the air or dangling them down while someone signs for point of order.  Those women who are raped or people who die must be wearing the red shirts and those people are expendable for the greater good.

When they turn the lights out we all go home and sleep in our comfortable beds.

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