Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mutually Assured Economic Destruction. It is hard to imagine the economic world coming to a stop. People will not cease to exist and their daily efforts to survive will empower local economics even if it is bartering. The installed infrastructure facilitates the supply of good and services. However, it will be disastrous for many perhaps millions, especially in the developed world, when the supply chain is disrupted. Which in consequence affects the manufacturing of things and the production and distribution of food affecting even the less developed. The resulting run on and collapse of the banks and the scarcity and hyperinflation of food and products will be calamitous.

It will be as if a neutron bomb was detonated. Many of the people will gone but no physical damage only that which was caused during the food riots will evidence the passing. An interesting way to reset the world. The question will be, who will survive and will they be smart enough to not repeat the previous generation's mistakes?

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