Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It is hard to imagine how we are going to put the genie back into the bottle. The vitriol that permeates a response whenever someone takes a contrary position is not going away. There is no courtesy or respect.  There is no empathy or a will to try and understand. Because the Internet has no censors and there is, apparently, little self-censorship the diatribes, accusations, and vulgar tirades substituted for intelligent response makes me wonder where society is headed.

Considering that our society has evolved from hunter gathers through various stages of civilized development, I wonder if this is this the end of society or growing pain? Do we become more civlized or less? It appeares to me that in the abscence of a will to control ourselves and prescribed morals and behaviors society is doomed to failure.  Man's intellect is capable of understanding the value of civilized behavior but man's nature does not lend itself to self-mastery and that is the key.

We are not going to cease to exist so then do we devolve to the lowest common denominator of self-interest aided by technology in the pursuit of isolation where proximity detectors and computer programs isolate, insulate, and segregate. Where interactions are minimized but altercations are extreme because there are no rules of engagement.

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