Saturday, December 10, 2011


It is easy to assume a collapse but difficult to imagine the particulars. As I watch the EU dance around and flirt with insolvency and bankruptcy, the politicians kicking the can down the road, and the bankers digitizing more money I wonder what if any aspect of today's society can actually trigger the collapse.  There always seems to be a mitigating agent, an extenuating circumstance, or a last ditch effort which really isn't the last.

As far as I can tell it really is only a crisis for the rich because they are the ones exposed and there are so few of them that when the hedge fund crooks loose, steal, or misappropriate a trillion dollars there is hardly a consequence for the world.  There are numerous rich people who are less rich and some devastated but for the most part the world seems to be unaffected. Goods still flow, services are still consumed, and transactions take place.  Installed infrastructure and diverse producer and consumer base seems impervious to wholesale disaster.

The resiliency of the human species to adapt and the creativity of the human mind to innovate plus and the indomitability of the human spirit insures that the human population of this planet will survive even prosper.  It is the mad man, the corrupt politicians, the self-righteous collective, or the power hungry egomaniacs and their accomplices that causes the most grief and may even cause a local disasters, a wide spread financial calamity, a socialital collapse, and world wide impacts.

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