Friday, December 9, 2011

Lock Step

How is it possible that the progressive agenda is so will coordinated? It is amazing to me that disparate groups and individuals seem to be in lock-step when it comes to the destruction of our constitutional freedoms and liberties. As america approaches its next election there is mounting evidence that these groups will participate willingly in civil unrest and violence in our major cities and that will be the excuse for the current administration to suspend the election and institute martial law.  With the passage of the NDAA, by congress, it will be lawful for the US military to seize and detain indefinitely, without evidence, American citizens defined, merely, as suspected terrorists by the current administration. How is it possible that so many willing accomplices, associated groups, even so called political opponents are heading undeterred toward anarchy and eventually a totalitarian government.  How is it possible that the evil in a few can so easily overwhelm the good in the many? I suppose that the good in man's nature is not intrinsic but is a learned attribute which comes about in the face of evil as has been evidenced in the past. However the cost of such lessons is catastrophic and unfortunately the lesson is not passed on to the progeny. Because there is no place for the good to escape our future condition may be permanent.

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