Friday, January 20, 2012

Cause and Affect

Cause and Affect has the same problem as Illness and Symptoms.  The second issue is too often confused as the first. As a consequence our time and effort is wasted or our money and resources are spent dealing with and affect or a symptom which will not resolve the cause or the illness. (Political correctness)

What is the solution? Education and commitment.  Education is the transference of knowledge gained in the processes of life.  Commitment is the willingness of the individual to spend the time and make the effort to gain as much knowledge as is possible.

The challenges are the expense of time and money associated with education and our human nature.

The consequences are lost knowledge and lost lives but the persistence of the most vital knowledge and the propagation of the species. Unfortunately the result are the reduction of our knowledge to the lowest common denominator and the adulteration of our genes to the point of inviability.

The reliance on technology as the depository of all knowledge and the facilitator of life positions us at the brink of disaster.

The problem with any initiative is that eventually it runs afoul of the agency of the individual. Entropy insures that order will break down.  The fascinating thing about natural diversity, not imposed diversity, is that probability is actually reversed assuming that there is enough time for the improbable to happen.

That's why history seems to repeat itself and our societies vacillate between prosperity and destitution. That seems to describe why our societies have ascended and our knowledge accumulates.

One can only imagine what more could be achieved if we had focused our time and effort on determining the cause of things and sought treatments for our illnesses rather than wasted time chasing affects and treating symptoms.  That takes honesty and integrity which seems to be lacking in our species.

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