Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Governmental censorship and control is a consequence of a lack of individual censorship and self control. Piracy is wrong. Is this a delima or a cundrum? Neither choice is acceptable. The outcome of both is objectionable. The third alternative is transparency.  Make the Internet absolutely transparent and the individual accountable. If all activities were traceable then any perpetrator would stand the high risk of being found out. All illegal activities could be prosecuted by the parties offended. Divergence would be the exception rather than the rule. Any objectionable content could be filtered out at the individual's computer based on their profiles contained on an inserted jump drive or dongle.  Secrecy and anonymity are the enemies not the individual and their activities. Big government is the problem not the solution. The individual should be able to say and do whatever they want but they must also be legally and personally accountable for their words and actions. It should be the role of government to insure transparency not try to define and enforce liberty.

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