Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter to Forbes

Letter to  James Marshall Crotty, Contributor to Forbes
kudos, I am hearing more voices like yours every day. I believe like you that the currents are changing but unfortunately the liberal apologists have the bigger mega phone. Unfortunately there are too many folks looking for a hand out rather than a hand up. Unfortunately the leadership of this country have become politicians. Most unfortunately the coincidence of the dumbing-down of America has contributed to the pilfering of its manufacturing, the over regulation of its industries, and the sequestering of it resources. With the freightliner called American Exceptionalism Debunked under full-steam to the left and liberal coasts a few current changes are inconsequential. Keep up the good work and we can only hope that there are a few leaders remaining and that the populous has enough intelligence to elect them, an even greater capacity to accept the accompanying hardships, the foresight to see the distant horizon of accountability, and the willingness to endure the journey.

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