Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The seeds of greatness and destruction were sown by the founders.
The choice to water one and not the other requires us to participate and choose.
Our chosen leaders were corrupted by the power and we were acquiesced by the abundance.
Wilson ushered in the age of entitlement and set the stage for demise and destitution.
Agency was squandered and welfare was exchanged for dependency by Roosevelt.
This country has been living beyond our means since leaving the gold standard. No thanks to Nixon.
The Morales of this country has been racing to the bottom since the presidency of Clinton.
Hypocrisy in politics have reached new levels courtesy of the Republicans.
Bankruptcy now extends beyond our great-great grandchildren facilitated by the Democrats.
The incompetency of leadership epitomized by B.O. enables corruption and conspiracy.
Is it too late to change our course, too slavage our potential, to plot a new future?
Is our fate sealed?
Is it not possible to live within our means?
Will we accept responsibility for our own actions?
Can we regard unfair, unjust, and inequitable as circumstances rather than affronts?
Are challenges, setbacks, and failures justification for quitting.
Do we fear the accomplishments of others so much that we hope for and rejoice in their failure?

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