Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter to Congress members.

I do not agree with piracy but the SOPA-PIPA legislation is not the solution.  There are laws on the books that need to be enforced. There are actions that the citizens of this country need to take. There are conditions that producers must be cognizant of and account for. As a representative of the peoples of Wyoming I emplore you to vote against any bill that empowers the federal government in any commercial or social way that will be used to deminish our freedoms and liberties. (Which is just about all of it)
I do not support a budget increase. It is time to cut governement expenses and you can begin with the departments of education, commerce, energy, and EPA. You can eleminate foreign aid and the NEA.  Absolutely everything else can be reduced by 15%.  If that's not enought keep cutting. Leave what little money there is in our pockets there.

I have a novel idea. Why doesn't the house of representative pass a law that requires the President to sumbit a budget that recommends expenses or cuts equal to the expected income of the government. Oh that's right its called a balanced budget. I guess my idea wasn't very novel.  Too bad the smartest people in the room can figure that out.

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