Monday, January 23, 2012


Are we in this existence by chance or by process? One philosophy is that everything is a random act of chance. That there are an infinite number of alternative scenarios dependent upon the convergence of every action and condition in relationship to every other action and condition. Existence was set in motion by the big bang (what existed prior the big bang enable the big bang to have a place to happen) and everything else was, is or will be a consequence.

A second philosophy is that there is no beginning or end but every thing comes into its season and all events have the purpose of extending existence into the future.  So whether I choose to step on an ant, or not, is not actually my choice but my and its destiny.

The interesting thing is that neither philosophy can be disproven. The first can only be accepted on the faith of science and the short comings of its empirical evidence.  The second can only be accepted by faith and its apparent lack of empirical evidence.

Do we stumble, bumble, and blunder our way into the future or is the future our very purpose? Do I have hope than in this insiginificant situation and lowly circumstance my life has meaning and that I am the master of my fate and that my fate is and important aspect of this existence. Do I loose hope that in this insignificant situation an lowly circumstance that my life is actually meaningless and that my existence has little to no impact on the outcome of the future. Yet our choices do seem to make a difference. we are the offspring of the past and progenetor of the future. Our existence is dependent upon the situations and circumstances affecting our parents who are likewise dependent upon all that went on before them etc. My existence in this place and at this time along with all of the decisions and actions I make and take affect the future in ways no other person can because everyone else is affecting the future in ther own specific ways.   My, we , or our existence is both insignificant and paramount. The future will be affected either by our very existence and because of our abscence.

This seems to be true in all aspects.  Someone who wonders why their lives, apparently meaningless and devoid of purpose should be prolonged. It is easy to assume that our very existence is worthless and yet it is not impossible to understand our relative importance because the futue will be different upon our demise and so our existnce is necessary up to the very point of ceasing to exist. The question is can we actually change destiny? So if I choose, or think I choose something that is contray to my normal choice, am I really making a choice? If I solve a problem or answer a question is that by agency or destiny.

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