Thursday, January 12, 2012

Somethin for nothin

What is it in man's nature that causes him to think that he can get something for nothing? Every worthless ideology is bases on the same premise, that it should be free for the taking. Communism, socialism, and welfare all pretend to supply the needs of the individual at no cost. Someone else is going to give it at no expense or effort to themselves. The resources are simply free for the taking and there is no cost or consideration required. The production and transportation of any goods or services are non-issues. Repair and maintenance are unnecessary because duration plays no part in the thinking or acting.

There are three causes. First selfishness, second mortality, and third empathy. while we exist what's in it for us?  Because death is inevitable and we can't take it with us, things do not actually have a value.  And to some extent, we actually care about others.

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