Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A place in Hell

I can only hope that hell has a special place for politicians and in that place there is and excruciatingly painful place reserved for those that callously spent our great grandchildren's future labor on today's wants.

I understand that some of us are willing to mortgage his or her labor for today's wants so that they can enjoy it now as opposed to later. It is obvious that they don't understand the concept of interest or that they are willing to pay more to have it now as opposed to paying less by saving enough money to pay cash.  It is even arguable that paying interest is slightly better than paying rent because of the concept of appreciation.

There is however no justification for paying interest on food or taxing everyone to pay for something like a road, a public building, even a sewer line that only a few will actually use.  It is not only not justified but should be criminal to encumber future tax dollars to pay for anything that not everyone will use, that will cost everyone even more to maintain, and will deteriorate and be gone before the following future's future will be able to use it.

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