Friday, June 29, 2012

The Chicken

While watching a report about a chicken farm and the production of eggs the reporter asked the farmer, in a smug and condescending manner, which came first? Not really expecting an intelligent answer the reporter held the microphone up to the farmer.  Without hesitating the Farmer replied, "If you believe in God the chicken, if your a scientist the egg."

I think the wisdom of that answer is that moment of creation of everything is unprovable scientifically.  The scientistic perspective is limited by both time and intellect.  Everything that exits today existed before man and no man is smart enough to figure it out in spite of his egotistic attitude or his willingness to discount the existence of God.

Even the so called big bang had to occur in space and time or have an initial conditions in which to come into existence which means that there was something here before it.

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