Thursday, June 28, 2012


The unintended consequences of government's usurping of its citizen's responsibility for health care, retirement, unemployment, welfare, child care, education, environmental protection etc... has been an unmitigated disaster. Health care costs are bankrupting everyone involved with its inflated fraudulent costs; retirement has become a bankrupt ponzie scheme spoiling the contrived dreams of the irresponsible; unemployment compensation is exacerbated by enticing the lazy to not seek work; a growing multitude with multiple generations of recipients actually prospering off of the public's dime;  expanding numbers of fatherless children being raised by uneducated women destined for more of the same; facilitating the dumbing down of recurring generations of intellectual midgets and incompetent, and uneducated citizens; stepping back from polluted waters, fouled air, and devastated landscapes only to exclude, deny and restrict our citizens, our industries, and our prosperity etc...

If evil is the absence of good, then government is the over abundance of good intentions.  If sin is good gone to the extreme then government is the root of sin.  If government is a necessary evil and its intentions are only good then the pathway (expressway) to hell is more than paved.

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