Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nanny State

Conservatives powerlessly ridicule and rail against the country's newest nanny, mayor Bloomburg of  New York City. The concept of restricting carbonated sugar drinks is the epitome of liberalism gone awry. Instead of dealing with real issues of corruption, cronyism, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking (not just in public) etc... The nanny state chooses sugary drinks as it next objective.  What a joke this country's so called leadership has become. We have a president that can't speak coherently without a teleprompter and then he flubs his lines and is filling a book with them. We have a congress that is so busy picking every one's pockets and legislating against common sense that they don't even realize that they have become irrelevant. We have a public sector which has declared war on the private sector and doesn't care that their actions are destroying this union. We have and economic sector led by crooks and maintained by selfserving criminals for the purposes of stealing money and who could care less about the unborn generations who they are enslaving. We have a private sector which is made up of a vast population of people too stupid to manage their own affairs, too lazy to take care of themselves and too greedy to realize that their lives are bankrupt.

The problem with the nanny state is that it is founded in the principles of personal care. It makes sense to take care of yourself so the liberals go about forcing it and the conservatives have a hard time arguing against it accept at being forced to comply. Consequently the nanny state will continue to increase in deepth and breadth because the general public does not act responsibly.  By accepting public assistance you accept public control which is embraced by the liberal establishment, only marginally objected to by the conservative establishment, and a cost most people are seemingly willing to pay because of the benefits offered. Retirement and health care.

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