Friday, June 29, 2012

lopsided universe

An article by Sean Carroll for Discover Magazine introduced, to me, the concept of a universe that has more energy on one side than it does on the other which causes a problem for the big bang theory.  He also introduced the circumstance that the initial conditions surrounding this state of being is one of low entropy and prior to the so called big bang. A theory which doesn't really address the initial conditions before the big bang.  This caused me to think about my own theory The initial flick.

The existence of God is the state of being where there is no existence of entropy. Yet the initial conditions for our existence is all encompassing.  At any given time God can reach out his arm and flick the primordial soup, i.e. space, and set the arrow of time in motion and initiate the conditions of high entropy. As a result the vibrations of space like a wave in the pool of water radiate out and through the water. This would account for the lopsided energy signature because there would be point of creation to all things.  Thus a lopsided universe.

The fact that the universe seems, to us, to be expanding and the lopsidedness would account for the initial flick but the variability in the direction of the constellations and the anomalies that are observable would have to be accounted by the discontinuity of the primordial soup which is being animated and aggregated by the vibrations introduced by the big flick.

Thus from the smallest quantum fluctuation i.e. space to the largest structure i.e. the cosmos all things and events along that continuum are revealed and the arrow of time is set in motion.

Does agency exist and am I unique?  Could I just a easily not exist as exist because the initial conditions are not predisposed to my existence or am I a quantum fluctuation destined to animate along the continuum in respect to the initial conditions either prescribed or consequential.

The notion that God exists and the evidence of faith leads me to wonder if my decision to stomp on an ant or not is agency or destiny.  You can't honestly tell.  The very fact that we occupy in an existence where entropy is high is the apparent default condition makes me question the scientific notion because the circumstances are toward desegregation not aggregation.  The idea that we exist in a high entropy state situated in a low entropy environment causes me to consider God.  I just lack the faith to know of his existence so I ponder the options in my feeble limited way.

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