Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liberal commentators

What would happen to liberal commentators if conservative bloggers stopped watching? Their audience would drop to zero. I am tired of being force feed liberal pablum by the conservative sites! I would, much, prefer to spend my time perusing a government exposé like the GSA boondoggle. I under stand the effort needed to investigate and report a credible story and the pressure to post hourly. If It weren't for conservative blogs, liberals wouldn't have an audience. The so called major media would eventually have to stop wasting money they weren't getting from non advertisers. If the conservative trolls would stop referencing the liberal trolls and directing visits to their sites some of the liberal trolls would have to find real work. Even Soros would get tired of wasting his money on blathering idiots posting to no one. Shutting one's mind to alternative points of view is a stupid thing to do but so is returning to one's own vomit. The challenge is to diversify and discriminate. Eat it once, throw it up once and move on to the next entree, pass up those items experience teaches you to ignore. If the item persists to be offered you may want to reconsider the possibility of having missed something or that there is no accounting for taste.

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