Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keynesian Econmics

The liberal economists and the administration's current talking heads don't seem to realize that their position and talking points are worthless. The theft of billions of dollars from our children's children, because they can't steal anymore from us or our kids, with the excuse that the economic machinery only works when cash is infused has proven to be wrong , again.

The suggestion that hiring more public sector workers will finance a private sector revival by putting more money into the hands of consumers seems to be missing the fact that the economy is much bigger than few messily teachers, fire fighter, and policeman and the stealing of money from the public and inflating the currency only harms the economy and raises prices.

The lack of understanding or the willingness to ignore the realities of economic freedom, innovation, and individual incentive allude the central planners of the government and their comrades as they persist in thinking that they know better and that the American people are predominantly idiots who can't take care of themselves.

The naive approach that the environment is separate from the economic engine of this country and it is okay to restrict access, regulate outcome, and reduce supply without affecting adversely the economy and impoverishing the society dependent upon it for their livelihood.  The notion that somehow inefficient, effective, an inequitable technologies are viable alternatives and that the economy and can accommodate the loss of bedrock processes and mineral resources without debilitating cost increases, severe service shortages, and unnecessary and ultimately unacceptable social consequence.

It is unfortunate that liberals are relying on subjugation as a means of imposing their ideals rather than providing leadership and inspiration.

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