Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Any shadow of a doubt

What a joke my country has become. It is all because my fellow citizen's have decide that their need to get stuff for free is greater than their country's well being. We have elected for scores-of-decades crooks, con artists, and clowns who have, with impunity, filled theirs and their crony's  pockets with bounteous tax dollars.  At first, then with too easily borrowed money and their advisers telling us that we were borrowing it from ourselves, they had a new lease on luting the treasury until that ran out.   As soon as they couldn't borrow it from us as fast as they were spending it they went begging to Japan, China, and anyone else enamored with this country's prosperity.  Now that, our politicians insatiable lust for spending and our entitled class of citizen's demands for government goodies has exhausted that market it was time to get serious about finding a better source that is not going to run out and require them to justify their borrowing requests.   It is not possible to over estimate the will of a politician to spend money that is not theirs. As the drought of funds began to seriously inpinged on their style they redoubled  their efforts to discovered some other way to pay for their addiction.

I am sure it was to their delight and amazement when their economic gerus announced that the worlds monitary system as we know it was going to crash unless they decided to spend more money than all of the previous administrtions in history.  It was music to their ears when they heard that they would have to dispense with reality and simply pretend that the vapor money from the federal reserve could do that and better it might just do it forever!

They can only kick themselves for not thinking of this earlier.  How much time has been wasted talking about a balanced budget.  There was that pesky pledge of not monetizing our debt but that was put behind them quickly and now the only things stopping them is the typing speed of their secretary adding zeros to the spread sheets.  Hallelujah, happy days are here again.  If it wasn't for those pesky politicians that refuse to drink the cool aid everything would be grand.  And now that the diversionnary tactic entitled the fiscal cliff has been, oh so dramatically, dismissed by congress they can settle in for some, much needed, rest and relaxation while the administration continues unabashedly administering the redistribution of the nation's pretend wealth.  Unfortunately, there really isn't any actual money to redistribute so maybe they can call it the recapitalization of the worlds markets.  After all our elected leader believes that the US unfairly cheated, chiseled, and pried the money away from the rest of the world and wantonly spent it on themselves, burned it up in their gas guzzeling cars, heated and airconditioned buildings and probably eat the spare cash that was laying around.  It has to be returned somehow. Once the Americana's got it was never be spent again. I mean the tax receipts are way less than their spending so it must be being eaten.

What a perfect coincidence of events BO and his communist buddies can recapitalize the world and world's hard currency is simply not up to the task.  With an unlimited supply of immaginary money and an willingness, no a duty to spend it.

If that wasn't enough my elected officials have knowingly pilfered the treasury and profited from their positions with hardly a misstep.  Occasionally a crook so brazen that he gets caught with his hand in the bank is dismissed but hardly embarrassed.  Lately, the miss titled ethics committees have bent over backwards to not let that happen, it gives congress a black eye y'a know. Besides what's a career politican suppose to do.  They have families whose children shouldn't have to pay back their student loans and their medical needs are even more important than every one else. Retirement comes even for some of them surely their service to America is worth a few hundred thousand dollars a year for life (even if they only serve part of a term) political life is uncertain.  How else are we going attract the best and the brightest crooks, criminal, and con artists.

Even though we passed this milestone in the dead of night with no fan fair and quite some time ago, my country has finally dispensed with the pretense of enforcing law and order. The non-enforcement has been going on for a while but conviently of lost in the morass of government.  However,with this last administration of Chicago land politi-gangsters openly not enforcing the law and enacting phony pieces of legislation, signing executive orders, and brazenly expanding existing, but limiting legislation their powers to fleece the remaining few capitalists hold outs.

Wonder of wonders now that the democrats have been, almost miraculously reelected by the edicts of the Secretay's of state, the vast sums of foreign campaign money, the rapidly expanding roles of welfare babies, newly hired and well paid federal bureaucrats, in addition to the pork barrel government money recipients, not even the actual Laws and Orders can dissuade them from their appointed task.There was little to hold them back before and now the pretense could be done away with entirely.

As I re-read this I am struck by the thought that maybe I should be crying instead of trying to be satirical.  The country I thought I was a resident of has long since vanished and last night's legislative melodrama proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Foolishly I think I can post this as an expression of my first amendment rights.  However there are events taking place and actions that will be taken which will prove how foolish I am being.

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