Thursday, January 31, 2013


Considering all that is wrong with this world can be characterized by the seven sins, the nature of man to seek the path of least resistance, and the profound inequities of life and existence. Is there any hope that it will not end in chaos and disaster?

Every day the radio, television and especially the internet reports yet another breakdown of society, law, and order.  Every day the disfunction of the world's systems is reported as the more disparate groups seek retribution or retaliation for the increasing minor infractions of their self-imposed sacrosanct
rights and liberties.

Every day the travesties against society and its infinite diversity of sensibilities seem to increase and become more violent and shocking.  The world's population is such that there is no escaping and its technology makes it possible to propose, find allies, and export hate and discontent everywhere instantly.

The more reasonable minds are overwhelmed by the selfish and childish instincts of the immature and unreasonable expectations of the mindless.  The pandering politicians, greedy, and power hungry elitists capitalize on the opportunity to enact their schemes and plans of domination and world control. All the time enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.  All in the name of humanitarian relief and good intentions.

For centuries the heartless prayed on the helpless and now the selfish, in each of us, pretend that it is okay to get ours with no regard as to the well being of anyone else especially the legitimate poor and needy or the environmental costs that come with it.

There is no one right answer and I seriously doubt that there is any real opportunity for compromise to be acceptable.  Even the practice of individual responsibility and self-sacrifice is not going to work because our cultural differences, economic realities, and profound inequities are so extreme that there can be no meeting of the minds, no willingness to live and let live, and no personal satisfaction allowed.

I suppose one can say that it has been an interesting journey to the end and that many good things have been produced along the way.  I suppose that one could hope that there is a salvation in store and that miraculously humanity will be saved from itself.  Time will tell. Life will go on. Man's will to live and his creativity may succeed and will lead to a profoundly different future. Humanity may even figure it out but I doubt it.  Can they RIP, I doubt it.

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