Friday, January 25, 2013

The end

The misguided GOP efforts to offer a second class Democrat agenda is guaranteed to to fail.  Now that the takers are an unassailable majority in the political scene trying to be a "me too" santa clause only with an attitude that not everyone can have everything is a nonstarter.  Even though that is true, there isn't enough for everyone, the Democrats don't say it they just let the king makers hand out the goodies and pretend that every one is happy.  It keeps them in office and if your not in office your not any where. The problem with the GOP is that the few principled republicans can't keep their mouth's shut and insist on letting the cat out of the bag.  Who wants a santa clause that doesn't give you what you want.  Let's get real, even if I don't get it now I must be going to get it later.

That being said the GOP and the United States are going to end. It hasn't been, the America that we knew for decades because the takers just weren't a super majority as they have become so there was some misguide belief that we could recapture what was lost. The we could turn the ship around. That common sense would prevail and reality would settle in.

Not only can the GOP and the conservatives not recapture the political scene the economic landscape has changed to the point that America will finally have to acknowledge the role it has occupied for some time now and that is neutered imp.  The environmentalist, climate change alarmists, and apologists have successively throttled back the economic engine of this country by denying it the fuel that propelled this country and the rest of the world to the levels of prosperity never before realized.  Even the poor were better off.

Without the wholesale plundering of the global resources and the no-holds barred expansion of the world's population there is no hope that America and the GOP will revive its status in the world.  Not being a fan of the GOP's past performance I am, however, concerned about the conservative principles they paid lip service to.  Are they at an end as well? Are we really going to descend into a big global government-police state distopia?

As much as I would like to believe that the adults are somehow in charge the results give me pause.  We can get by with less but the so called leadership doesn't seem to know what prudence is.  I understand the need for limits but don't understand the class warfare and retribution mentality that predominates in the halls of power. I recognize the need to be a good steward of the land, water, air, and animals but don't understand how sequestration of all resources bodes well for our well-being.  I wonder how only the rich and powerful enjoying the limited bounties will help the poor.  Socialism and activism works great until they run out of other peoples money and sequester the last remaining natural resource which might keep us from starving to death in the dark and freezing solid in the cold.

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