Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Difference

Hillary Clinton as a political appointee to the state department resided over the organization when a diplomat and three personnel were killed in Bengazhi, Lybia, Africa.  During a congressional hearing she responded to an accusation that she misled congress and the American people by her fraudulent explanation for what caused the US Consulate to be attacked and over run.  In her response she vehemently said "What difference, at this point, does it make?

It makes a difference when the next time, the state department, reports on an event that affects americans and we have to judge whether you are lying to us again or not.

It makes a difference to our willingness to sacrifice our lives, money, and time knowing that our best interests are not really a consideration by you or your department.

It makes a difference when congress is expected to support, with tax dollars, the foreign affairs of the nation when there is no trust in and a deep suspicion that the agenda is hidden or being obfuscated.

It makes a difference if our representative to other nations is caught blatantly lying to them and is viewed as a person who can not be trusted.

It makes a difference when the arrogance of the individual selected to occupy and perform a vital role in the government of the united states is proven to be incompetent and then tries to bluster her way out of the situation after lying about her acceptance of responsibility and acting out her remorseful statement.

It makes a huge difference and it is too bad that you don't understand that or worse yet you don't care.

We don't need people like you in government.  We don't need people like you representing us to the world.  We don't need anything you stand for.  That is what difference it makes.

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