Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stupid is...

Today I learned that B.O. doesn't think his government is over spending.  His administration has spent more in four years than every other administration since the beginning of the country, the deficit is greater than any previous administration, the debt is growing faster than any previous administration and he doesn't think...

What a moron.

Now I find out the in his infinite stupidity he has chosen a french economist to lead some US economic planning group.  As if Europe, France in particular, is an economic model that has relevance to the US economic problems.  As if a practicing socialist from a bankrupt country in a economic union that is defunct has something to offer a bankrupt pseudo capitalist country with a defunct economic system and a president  whose only plan is to print money.

What a joke.

If you can't fix the problem, go on vacation.  20  million dollars to fly the POTUS and his entourage to Hawaii. The man is an embarrassment and an assault on the rapidly fading dignity of a once great country.  Some how the moron thinks that this country became great because it stole money from people who have none and that it wealth is a commodity which can be mined from the wall street banks and spread around.  His administration is filled with grade escalated graduates from this country's incompetent education system but highly competent indoctrination programs.

as stupid does.

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