Saturday, January 19, 2013


It is hard to imagine that Paul Krugman and his mindless mentor are so stupid that they actually think, if one can call it thinking, that debt has no consequences and fiscal restraint is the problem not the solution.

Do they buy their daily needs with something other than a recognized currency?  Are their vendors supplying their daily consumables at no charge and do not send them a monthly statement of their expenditures.  Do they not cash their pay check assuming that they get paid for their idiotic statements and propositions?  Can they just stop by and pick up their latest choice in vehicles, stereos, articles of clothing etc..  Are they not expecting some type of retirement package to cover their wants and needs in the future after they have retired from their idiot jobs?

Who will provide them with food or clothing if everyone else follows their lead and spouts off at the mouth or better yet saves their breath and just waits at home for their latest desires to be delivered?

Why waste our time on the pretense that money is actually needed to account for time, labor, and materials or engage in frivolous thought about the value of things as a measure worth, or better still concern ourselves about the cost of anything because that leads to the idea that if we don't have enough money to pay for it we can just arrange to borrow it from someone who has more of it than we do.

Unfortunately, that leads to the notion that the bank might want their money back, probably with interest.  If we just borrow it from ourselves then obviously that would be stupid to pay ourselves back so then there really is no such thing as debt, no real need for money, lets just line up at the counter and place our orders for the latest anything.  The only problem is that there will be no one at the counter to take our order.  Wait a minute... we can just order it from ourselves, owe it to our selves, and save time by not paying ourselves back. Genius

Why didn't someone come up with idea sooner. It gets rid of all of the middle men, and bankers, and lawyers, and politicians, and poor it is truly utopian.

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