Sunday, January 27, 2013


The PBS documentary about 'What Darwin didn't know' celebrating evolution actually shows that species diversity is not simply a process of natural selection but a prescribed set of genes by which the genetic material, its unique sequencing, and the on and off switching process is responsible for the adaption of all species.  It did not offer convincing evidence on how the differentiation of species was any thing more than a prescription within the genenome.  Even though it seems that the potential for evolutionary differentiation or the creation of the missing link would seem possible in fact probable the evidence only illustrated that species differentiation is prescribed not incidental. The potential for every possibility, in this existence, is already coded in the genes and it is the genetic material in its entirety that dictates what becomes what and when.  Nothing can exist that is not already part of the genetic code.  The neanderthal and jelly fish are simply variations of the pallet that is possible. The question is how can something so complex come about when it is enveloped in a state of entropy from its inception.

The real issue is what dictates the switching and sequencing to produce a human or a tree.  Is it by accident or by plan. Apparently by plan because when a human woman is pregnant there is never any doubt that she might be having a horse.  It must be by plan because it each and every species differentiation must be coincidental with both male and female versions.  It must be by plan because natural selection seeks to limit competition not increase it.  It must be by plan or the devolvement of the species would have been the normal in the beginning an not just as we are experiencing it today.

Evolutionists fail to recognize that religion has been mischaracterized for so long by its antagonists that the actual meaning of being created by God does not have to mean two chickens materializes one day to populate the world with chickens.  It appears the genetic code was written by God prior to the beginning of life and from within that code comes the chicken and everything else.  So the answer to the question is the egg comes first.  But if that is the case then evolution would seem to be the only process by which life could come into existence.  Not necessarily as envisioned by man but as dictated by intelligent design.  However, intelligent design doesn't make sense in consideration of the Neanderthal, Denisovian, and contemporary humans.

Science doesn't explain how a fully functioning genome came into being at the beginning, characterized as an explosion, of life on earth and has existed for hundreds of millions of years producing one unique species after another. It is unclear to me how such a huge diversity of species, much of it coincidental in existence, is possible if natural selection is the only determinate.  Species adaption is proven as a natural occurrence and species manipulation is possible by controlled intervention but species differentiation is missing the links and not currently possible even by intervention.

Creation doesn't explanation the observable time line, the natural geologic processes, or the anomalies that exist in the geologic and natural history records.

After thinking about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference because life is terminal and we will either not be able regret that we didn't party or behave like there was no tomorrow or we will find ourselves in an afterlife and either regret our behaviors and lack of faith or, at best, find ourselves wondering what is next.  That is the dilemma.

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