Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gun Ban

I find it amazing that a people, leaders in particular, think that banning the implement of death is the solution to the act of killing.   I suppose that if we bury our swords the consequence will be peace.  A misconception from inception. Murder and mayhem are not the function of the implement merely the result of a personality gone astray.

From the beginning survival of the fittest or jealously and rage has always been the motivation for killing, guns just make it simpler to accomplish.

The solution is not to ban all implements of killing or even legislate against the act, it is to resolve the ill feelings of the individual or individuals that thinks the solution to his or their problem is kill the imagined source.

How do we go about doing that?  To elevate the individual, not by beauty contest or legislation, but by humanity.  Society offers some amenities that rugged individualism can not. It also dehumanizes the individual because it tries to quantify and qualify things rather people.  It tries to establish procedures and processes as a means of dealing with inadequacies.  It tries to legislate as opposed to accommodate.  Its biggest failure is that it tries to aggregate in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness.

Especially in the past and even today the inequities of the world and the people that populate it have resulted in a few doing better than most and some accumulating all of the power while too many go without.  As a result anger, fear, envy, lust etc. occupy the minds of too many and retribution the sole purpose of the most aggrieved or evil individuals who can carry out their ill intent as never before.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to legislate morals. Although if we did it would be a whole lot easier to deal with the trouble makers than clean up the carnage of a massacre.

The first thing we do is legislate morals. Teach them in school and enforce them in public.  We have tried the no morals thing and as a result children are mass murdered not only by gun but by surgeons scalpel.

The second thing we do is to divest authority.  Take the burden of being the most powerful man in the world off the shoulders and ego of a single individual. Restore responsibility to the individual state, county, town and individual.  The minor conflicts between smaller entities can be resolved at a lesser cost than multinational conflicts or world wars. Genocide need not happen but until there is resolve to let other coexist the conflicts are better kept at the local level as opposed to the regional.

Bad things will continue to happen because bad men exist. However, if the good men are enabled and the good outcomes are promoted and bad behavior is not condoned by communities of responsible individuals the trend toward peace and prosperity will be upward.

Does this mean segregation and discrimination? Of course it does.  Does this mean conflagration of freedom and liberty or immigration and emigration to emancipate and liberate.  It does if society recognizes the strength of diversity as opposed to the proposition of homogeneity along the lines of a single demographic mentality.

How do we coexist? My ideas and yours? My feelings and yours? My sensitivities and your?

Never before have we as a world population had the ability to communicate, to commiserate, to educate, and to innovate.  Rather than aggregate and attempt to find a one size fits all government it is time to disaggregate and work toward a time when there is not need for government because we each govern ourselves in the best interest of our locale, region, and environment.  Technology makes this possible as never before.  The age old adage of My right to swing my fist ends at where you nose begins.  If I don't want to hear what you have to say the I need the ability to discriminate. If I don't want to see you or witness your activities then need the ability to segregate.  What we need is the will to respect the rights of others and the ability to cooperate. All possible through technology.

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