Monday, January 7, 2013

Trillion dollar coin

The intelligence of the current presidential administration has always been a lot suspect because of the stupid things that it says and does. The Representative of the government must be idiots because of the justifications that they espouse in response to the simple questions that the dumbed down media ask.  Geitner blamed turbo tax for his tax evasion.  Polosie and one of the department directors actually believe that welfare spending creates jobs. The POTUS actually thinks that a coin is worth one trillion dollars.  That the death of three state department personnel was a little sloppy management on their part.

It is good thing Geitner runs the IRS because his butt would be in jail or his bank account seized if it were any one of us. The fact that welfare spending is not just tax dollars but imaginary money pilfered from future generations doesn't seem to register on the brain dead of Washington especially the two dullest bulbs of the pack. And the fact that there is no money in the bank, no gold standard, no credit available seems to allude the administrations economic giants and their idiot boss.  It reminds me of the joke about the blond who insisted that she must have money in the bank or there wouldn't be a check in check book.

How is it possible that this group of clowns were officially elected to office this past week?  Fraud, deceit  and stupidity.  Tell the useful morons what they want to hear and promise them what they want because once they vote it doesn't matter.  Even if they do they are too stupid to do anything about it.  So now we have achieved the ultimate.  The stupid leading the stupid. The welfare receipients are lining up at the strip bar to get cash from their welfare card that is being paid for with a coin whose value is one trillion dollars on the premise that more stripper jobs are being created as they gyrate and more people are being employed to meet the increased demand for goods and services paid for by the imaginary cash advances of the unemployed and the unemployable.

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